Wolf-Michael Wünsche was born on 30th October, 1946 in Kiel (North of Germany). After graduated electrical and precision engineering (while studied painting aside), he commenced his career as a young engineer in 1972 at Siemens, Germany.
1976 Michael started his own business in the field of Consumer Electronics. The Stereo-Wunderland, The Video-Wünsche, The Wünsche GmbH + Co Kg, The MOT – Musik on Top were founded in the following years and later all four companies were sold during 1989-1991.
1983-1990 Received sereval awards in Consumer Electronic business.
1989-1990 Selected as the President of Rotary Club Nuernberg Reichswald.
1992 Founded “The Euromed-AG, The EMC Grundbesitz GmbH and The Euromed Clinic GmbH + Co Kg” together with a partner.
1994 Explored business in Medicine Industry, “The Euromed Health Center”.
1997 Obtained “The Manager of the Year” award from “The Manager Magazine”, Germany.
1998 Obtained “The Bavarian Innovation” award.
1998-2002 Chairman of “The Nord Bayern e.V.”, the Sponsorship Innovative Entrepreneurship.
1999 Listed on the German Stock Exchange Market, Wuensche was the CEO and major shareholder of the Euromed AG.
2001 Opened of the second part of new hospital building.
2002 The Pickerinstitut Europa honors “The Euromed Clinic” as world number one hospital in the service sector.
30. Dez.2002 Adjourned the CEO of the Euromed AG to explore new life charpter.
2003 Freelance Artist
2004 Adjourned the CEO of EMC-Grundbesitz GmbH. Registrated his artist name, pseudonymous “Wolf Rossborg”
2005 Exhibited several renowned exhibitions in New York, Munich, Berlin, Madrid, etc.
Rossborg Design / Rossborg Painting. Rossborg Buildings, in Germany and Thailand, were his new business sphere.
Living and working in Thailand since 2013